Yabozi Easy™️

The Yabozi Easy's patented design and engineering was created to make feeding pets more functional and graceful. Here's how:

  • Unique "stand-to-fill" allows dry food or water to be filled without bending down to floor level

  • Appealing "swan" type shape allows food and water to travel through the Yabozi neck and handle with ease.

  • Snap together/apart design makes cleaning, well...a snap!

  • Easy-to-carry, counterbalanced handle

  • Fun for all ages, with or without back problems

  • Easy to clean under, just lift from the top and vacuum

  • Easy to fill even when reaching over a baby-gated area

Your customers will be pleased by the innovation of this problem-solving pet meal accessory. It's unique, it's convenient and it's certain to increase every pet owner's enjoyment (and pet's too).