Who we are

Founded in 2015, Yabozi Products, LLC – with offices in Manhattan and manufacturing in the Midwest – is a retail-focused company that melds function with creative design. Its goal is to create a premium and luxury product and accessory line that will bring fashion to any home or workspace. 

At Yabozi Products, executives think around, over and through the everyday pet owner’s expereince to come up with solutions that are fun, functional, durable and stylish. Whether you want to spoil your pet princess with a fashionable food bowl or require a more rugged product for your dog to take on your travels, Yabozi can product and manufacture the perfect design. 

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Andy Boyden
Creative Director & Co-Owner

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Ty Whitacre
CEO, President, & Co-Owner

Andy Boyden is the Creative Director of Yabozi Products, LLC and an agency Principal, Creative Director, and driving force behind Boyden & Youngblutt’s celebrated advertising campaigns in the orthopedic, healthcare, and recreational markets. Andy’s extensive background in innovative designs and agency leadership have allowed him to develop pet products that raise the bar in fun, style, and function. 

With a talent for understanding that every consumer has a different need and style, Andy has created several dog and cat products – including the Yabozi Easy, Yabozi Royals™️, and Yabozi Sport – but is constantly seeking more creative and functional ways for his products to be used and viewed by pet parents. When he’s not busily sketching up new product ideas and designs, he's helping to plan Yabozi’s growth, along with partners Ty Whitacre and Don Gillett.

He resides in Fort Wayne, IN with his cats Milo and JJ and enjoys painting outdoor landscapes.

Ty Whitacre is the CEO and President of Yabozi Products, LLC. In his role at Yabozi, his passion for the pet industry is partnered with his vast knowledge in manufacturing, licensing, and all aspects of sales is put to use on a daily basis.

Ty has served in executive global marketing, sales, and strategic planning roles for more than two decades in a variety of industry segments, including manufacturing components and finished goods. His training and accomplishments include market development efforts for both established and startup companies.

Expertise in identifying and evaluating international partners has resulted in an excellent understanding and connection to Asian manufacturing. During his career, Ty has successfully helped companies like GE, United Technologies, and Stedim Biosystems reach their business development goals.

He grew up on a farm with many animals and currently lives in Fort Wayne, IN with his Schnauzer Bentley.

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Don Gillett
Director of Manufacturing & Co-Owner

Don Gillett is the Director of Manufacturing of Yabozi Products, LLC, whose keen eye for alliances and partnerships is as sharp as his experience in operations and customer service. His 20 plus years of experience in financial management, mergers and acquisitions, and company development are helping to position Yabozi as a global pet brand.

Don has always focused on long-term, broad responsibilities, including strategic planning and resource & partner development. His extensive experience in these fields has helped forge key alliances, allowing for further business development and expansion. Since he feels it is so critical to operations, Don is directly involved in all efforts to provide customers and partners with manufacturing expertise in various markets.

Past positions have included management roles within the food service and manufacturing systems industries.

Don lives on a farm in Fostoria, OH and has a Pudelpointer named Lucky.