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Fun &

Life should be fun - for you and your pets. With Yabozi pet bowls for food and water, mealtime ceases to be a chore and becomes an adventure in good taste! At Yabozi, we think around, over and through the everyday pet user's experience to come up with solutions that are fun and functional. 


Yabozi Royals™️

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Food Safe

Yabozi feeding bowls are made from high quality, contaminate-free food grade plastics that are BPA-freeFDA-approved and guaranteed not to bleed, emit vapors or loose colors over time.


Yabozi Eazy™️

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Compact Packaging

Yabozi Pets makes point of purchase display a plus with the option to hang for minimal shelf space, many colors and low space stocking and storage. We consider the needs of our distributors and wholesalers when concepualising and designing our products. 


Yabozi Sport™️


Interested in wholesale or distribution? Have a question about our products? 

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